A story is told and a life changes. That’s what Darrell Barton strived to do. That’s the legacy he left to The Darrell Barton Foundation.

Visual time capsules come in many forms. Video, film, digital stills, film processed stills, digital art, and a changing media landscape that is ‘ripe’ for creative people. Images, however they are created, mold the future. Images of America’s Civil War are still affecting current generations. 1,000 years from now the images forged today will leave a visual history of a generation of people. It is through those images that future photojournalists may find their way. It is through those images that we learn about our society and ourselves.

Storytelling changes lives by exposing viewers and readers to content unavailable in their normal realm. The Darrell Barton Foundation invests in the people who document these stories on whatever media their talent lies. This foundation encourages talented people to continue Darrell Barton’s life mission, the mission of changing lives through storytelling.

The Darrell Barton Foundation will continue to be a force for years to come, encouraging students of promise and journalists with passion to take up the work and craft of photojournalism.